Sunday, January 9, 2011

Beneath the Canon, Three

In December, I decided to put this blog on hiatus.  It seemed that my original (Kiskislog) was going along fine, and I would concentrate my writing on that one site.  Since then there have been a couple of interesting developments in the world of Mark Twain scholarship, related to the publication of Twain's autobiography and then a recent new -- and sanitized -- edition of Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and those have taken up a good deal of attention (including mine).  I didn't expect really to spend so much time on Twain, though I continue to be surprised at how much attention is paid to anything that has his name in the title.  So it goes.

So I thought it time to come back to this second site.  I will try to offer comments on the reading that I and my students will be doing this coming term.  And I will try to break free of the hold that Twain has had on my comments.  There are, after all, other writers.  That is something that some in the Twain community seem not to realize.  It's perhaps time to give them more time and comment.

So we will see if this is a useful decision.

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